Saturday, 25 May 2019


I love fresh vibrant salads that are crispy with a tiuch of tangy and sweet. There are so many variations of salads and different ways to serve them. Appetizer salads are served as a first course of the meal, side salads accompany a main course while a main course salad contain portions of protein like eggs, cheese, legumes, fish and even meat. Dessert salads on the other hand contain fruits, topped with whipping cream or/and sweeteners. You can add so many ingredients to your salad, from green beans, cucumber, beet root, peppers, parsley, tomatoes, olives, onions, avocado, carrots and mushrooms. For a tasty flavor and texture, you can add nuts, berries, seeds, edible flowers, cheeses, hard boiled eggs, shrimp and even bacon. Now that I have given you plenty of options when it comes to making salads, why not get your creative juices going with your favourite add ins and toppings. Also I love to hear from you guys, leave a comment, let me know what you would like me to cook next on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and  Youtube 

Friday, 24 May 2019


When it comes to Mandazi, I love them fluffy and soft and, I love having them warm with marsala tea.


Healthy breakfast is the best way to start your mornings. Since I love avocado my first smoothie on my blog is avo-strawberry. This smoothie is creamy, filled with great nutrients like Calcium which is wonderful for your bones. The best part about smoothies is that you can substitute lots of ingredients to suit your diet and preferences. If you want sugar free, you can skip the sweetener, if you don't use dairy you can add water instead or use plant based milk like almond or soy. Smoothies are great breakfast options, great for weight loss or even a post work out drink.

Monday, 13 May 2019


Breakfast has always been the best part of starting my morning. Lets get a bit theoretical about omelettes a bit as I gather ingredients for today's omelette. As you know an omelette is usually made from beaten eggs fried with oil or butter without stirring like its usually done with scrambled eggs. The omelette is commonly folded around fillings like mushrooms, cheese, ham, chives, bacon or vegetables. Sometimes you can have a combination of two or more of the ingredients. Some interesting omelettes include the Nargesu an Iranian omelette made with spinach and fried onions spiced with salt, garlic and pepper. Egg foo yung/oystee omelette is a Chinese omelette. Tamagoyaki is a traditional  Japanese omelette where eggs are beaten with mirin, bonito flakes, soy sauce, water and sugar. So many ways to cook the omelette and I have just started, I must say I still don't have a favourite, yet. Let's get cooking loves!

Sunday, 12 May 2019


So many ways to cook pork and I have only just began. Its already the second por recipe this month and I'm already looking for other ways that I can enjoy pork. I had the most amazing pork at a place along Mlolongo Mombasa Road that apparently specializes in all kinds of pork recipes. From pork fry, grilled pork, stewed pork to stewed pork. I guess you can say I'm trying to replicate that dish. I could go and ask the chef about his recipe, trouble is, I'm not sure I remember the place. It was tucked away among many vibandas... I still have to look for it. But honestly this recipe came out of a missing ingredient, tomatoes. I was just going to make a simple pork recipe for lunch that just included frying the pork in onions, tomatoes, adding salt, and that was it! But then it was already lunch and I didn't want to go to the grocers. Luckily I had some veggies  like french beans, carrots and bell peppers, so I decided to make the recipe a blog post, and here we are.

Saturday, 11 May 2019


Ever made a dish that you always see in restaurants or other cooks making and it seems complicated? For me it has always been seafood. Specifically all other sea foods apart from Tilapia that we cook all the time at home. First ever prawn recipe and I'm so excited. You should see me do a happy dance. The weather has done a complete 360 turn and its getting colder by the day. I wanted something spicy and I happened to have some prawns that were lying around, just taunting me, come on, cook me, cook me pleeeze! I just had to. The best part about cooking prawns is that it takes very few minutes and they're  done. A perfect dish that will impress your family and friends when you come together


Growing up I never, I mean loathed broccoli! They just seemed like these tasteless mushy vegetables that did not even smell nice. Now that I love cooking and trying out different combinations, I know better. I love broccoli better. This stuffed omelette is healthy and light, plus the added benefit of lots of veggies, its great for someone who wants to loose weight. The trick to enjoying vegetables is not to over cook them as they will be soggy and tasteless. Adding spices is another way that you can up the flavour of vegetables especially if you plan to eat them without any sides. Breakfast is important so make it healthy and delicious.
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