Sunday, 20 October 2019


Happy MASHUJAA DAY KENYA! (HEROES DAY) Today is a Holiday to celebrate our heroes that fought for our self rule and independence. I know, beans is not exactly a celebratory dish, or is it? But this bean curry is what you just need to eat with some yummy chapati! We surprised dad for his birthday too. His birthday in on 23rd that is this coming Wednesday but since we were all available we thought why not have his birthday today. These beans were accompanied by some Chapati, cabbage stir fry, Beef Stew, and plain Rice. Like I said, these were no ordinary beans., no sir! You can add spice for some heat but still delicious just as they are.

Tuesday, 15 October 2019


No weekend is ever complete without Nyama Choma! It's always the weekend plan, you know "parte after parte after parte" 😉, Kenyans know what this means. And with Nyama Choma comes Kachumbari (tomato onion salad). There are several variations of Kachumbari and you can always add more ingredients or leave it as the classic Kenyan salad


Chunky vegetables are great because they are crunchy and crisp on the edges especially when stir frying. This chicken dish is so simple to make you will be making it on the regular! I had pre marinated the chicken so that it can even add more flavour and taste. I think I am officially a chicken addict. I have so many chicken recipes and still have more to try out! Hope you enjoy this dish and do not forget to comment about your favourite chicken dish below.

Wednesday, 2 October 2019


I love! Love! Love! Chips Masala, which is my other favourite dish that brings me awesome childhood memories. We had several kiosks in our neighbourhood where you could get what we called "chips mwitu" (not restaurant chips) these fries were very delicious and sold for as little as Ksh. 10 ($1) per packet. By the time you are done eating you'd have spent up to Ksh. 100 ($10) because they are just too addictive! There are very few restaurants that I trust to cook the best chips masala/masala chips. I love my homemade version because you can add whatever spices you want! I love spicy food so this recipe is quite spicy, which I love, you can have more or less spice as you want.

Saturday, 28 September 2019

Chicken Liver Sausage Stir Fry Noodles

This is such an easy delicious noodles dish that will soon become a family favourite. I love stir fry noodles since they are infused with lots of flavour especially when you add spices. I had some chicken liver from a whole chicken that we cooked earlier so was trying to find out what I can do with them. I needed a quick lunch so it was a perfect pairing. 

Thursday, 26 September 2019


Homemade spice mix are the best! Whether you want to bake, grill or fry, spice mixes give your food that much more deliciousness. Spice mix can be either sweet like pumpkin spice or savoury like piri piri spice mix. I made some delicious Cajun Chicken Drumsticks that were so yummy, there was no left over. Simple to make and takes little time to make, all the ingredients are readily available in your local market!

Tuesday, 24 September 2019


Breakfast has never been this good and delicious! Overnight oats have become one of my breakfast favourites since you mix your favourite add ins, leave it overnight and voila! You have yummy breakfast that is healthy and filling as well. If you love carrot cake then this overnight oats recipe will be perfect for you. This recipe has been featured in my youtube channel as 5 Breakfast Ideas to try. Check it out below
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