NAIROBI KITCHEN presents "23 restaurants in 2023 ULTIMATE FOOD TOUR!

"It's 2023 and the first month is almost coming to an end. I know I have been MIA the whole of last year but I want to change all that. Somehow, I don't know what but I kind of lost my passion or rather put it in the back burner as I ran the rat race that is life. After all that time has passed I still know that I LOVE to cook and eat. So to start off the year I will be undertaking a personal challenge. I have always wanted to visit restaurants and kept postponing for this reason or the other. So to get myself motivated, I will start a challenge "23 Restaurants in 2023" this challenge is about visiting 23 different restaurants in 2023! That should be at least 2 restaurants every month, apart from January which I will only visit one so that by the end, they are 23. Looking foward to the challenge and hopefully when it's the end of te year, I will have experienced some delicios food in places I might not have gone. 

I decided to serach and set a timetable of some sort so that I can know which restaurant to go to the nest time. You can join me and lets have fun experimentng and tryng new things. We don;'t have to meet just add #NK23RTS23 #23RestaurantsIn2023 to your posts and tag me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook and I'll share your food adventure!


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